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When you develop a medical condition you want the right diagnosis from your own doctor or a recommended specialist. As a patient, second opinion can help you make an informed decision about your own health. However, finding another doctor for an opinion can be challenging and frustrating. At Second Opinion, we firmly believe in helping you get a professional, balanced, well researched and informed perspective to help you arrive at your decision.

STARTER session

The first step is often the hardest to take— so we have made it easy for you. During this 15-minute video consultation, we help you identify the best course of action to address your health issue.

This is also the best approach for those who wish to resolve simple medical problems. 

STANDARD session

In this 30-minute video consultation, we will examine your case in depth and answer questions, explore treatment options, and give our expert opinion, so you can move forward with your care plan with confidence. 

Concierge Plan

The ‘concierge’ service is our complete ‘start to finish’ service for you. We want to be there with you, from the time of diagnosis, then the treatment and finally to assist you through every step of your therapy. This monthly subscription includes four 15-minutes video sessions every month and unlimited conversations through a personalized chat. 

Doctor Using Digital Tablet
  • Book a 15 minute appointment with a Physician.

    15 min

    39.99 US dollars
  • Book a 30 minute appointment with a Physician.

    30 min

    59.99 US dollars
  • We will be there from the start to the finish line for $99.99/month.

    15 min